Week 9

What external factors (non-implementation project related) could affect how and when an ERP goes live? Explain and justify.

The company with the ERP implementation all has the life cycle around 10-20 yrs. It will make the company change the old system to the new system. Through the change new system, the factors can affect the ERP going live.

The external factors affect the ERP are:

  • ERP might have the difficult of reformatting data to store to the new system, the employee will confuse with the new system to change the data; At this point in the project, there should no longer be doubts about how the information will be loaded in the new system. In order to develop more efficiently, the work must be completed and all available information should once again be verified (p146, Lozinsky, 1998).
  • Data conversion – does not always permit converting all the information from the old system into the new system (p146, Lozinsky, 1998). But there are various approaches of implementing a new software package. Such like: direct conversion, which the company turn off the old system on the day the new system goes into operation;  parallel conversion, is a more secure approach;  pilot conversion is based on the idea that parallel processing can involve processing a portion of the total business.


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Have a look at assignment 5Search the web or go to some other source to find some hits and tips on giving presentations. Post to your blog that you think was the most helpful and why.

  • Eye Contact

Match eye contact with everyone in the room. It’s very important for doing the speech at this stage, because have the eye contact will makes people interest on your topic;

  • Don’t read

Use the power point makes people easy to understand the main points about the presentation, but you can’t read through the power point, you have to understand all the slides, and give some examples to the audience;

  • Body language

Standing, walking and moving about with facial expression are preferred to sitting down or standing still with head down and reading from a prepared speech. Make body language is help the audience to easily to understand your topic and make people focus on your presentation;

  • Do not leave it to the last minute

If we leave the presentation to the last minute, it will be nervous to standing up in front of people. To get the better result, people have to spent some time to run through the slides;

  • Always leave handouts

Leaving handouts will reinforce your messages, and will help them to remember your presentation when they look at them again Always include your contact details so that the audience can contact you;


Stepcase Limited, 2008, 18 Tips for Killer Presentations, viewed on 13/09/2010, http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/18-tips-for-killer-presentations.html

Presentation magazine, Presentation hints and tips, viewed on 13/09/2010,



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